April 16, 2009

Testimony of longevity

Doris A.Smith , age 95 gives her testimony on how she has been able to age gracefully, while
Others have more problems. She says age isn’t important unless you are cheese! If you are blessed to reach ninety-five you would like to be able to walk, take care of yourself be in reasonably good health.
In order to be in this kind of shape you need to start early in life….with exercise, good nutrional supplements, take care of not spending too much time in the sun, take good care of your skin..use products that are toxin free. Need to keep your weight down, eat proper, and get good night’s sleep.

Stay active with friends and family, be involved activities that keep the brain functioning. Have a sense of humor, laugh at lot, have a positive attitude.
Sometimes when we reach middle age we feel we might be following apart! We wonder what is happening…it is never too late to get started with the right regiment. I discovered the Shaklee supplements late in live but what difference they made in my life. I am still able to go to the gym couple times a week, where I work on the walker, the bicycle, and do some arm exercises Two to Three times a week I play bridge, at age 84 taught myself how to use the computer. I am able keep up through email with friends and family.
In January of 2009 I fell and broke 4 ribs! I feel the the Shaklee product Vivix really helped me with endurance and energy to get out of the assisted living back to the comfort of my own home where I live alone and can take care of myself. I feel it replaced and built up my cells surrounding my ribs for a quicker recovery! I feel I am living life to the fullest at my age!