March 29, 2009


As the days go by you may notice a few wrinkles, a few more pounds, maybe a couple of gray hairs. You might want to consider plastic surgery but you don't have the money. You want to change how you look but you don't know how.

Looking your absolute best is a matter of taking good care of yourself. You will feel more confident by improving your physical health; it will also make you stand out in a crowd. When you are healthy aging has fewer limitations.

Your food routine can influence whether or not your yawn in the afternoon will keep you from hitting the gym at the end of the day. Take a good look at what you are eating! I've been told that 9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day will help you look younger. Eat fewer calories a day, have smaller portions, don't over eat.

If you want to peel off the years to look younger? Preventions is the major way to change! I like to start the day with my Cinch Shake and Nutritional Supplements! I then head off to the gym or depending on the weather I might hit the tennis courts, golf course or take a nice long bike ride. My lunch consists of the Cinch Shake or meal replacement bar, topping it off with the Cinch Green Tea! No more yawning and thinking of naps! Dinner is very simple, usually baked or broiled chicken, green salad, vegetables, and brown rice! I have a selection of tasty,low calorie receipts, which the entire family will love. Don't forget to add fresh fruit and lots of water all day.
People who have a goal in life-passion,purpose, positive outlook and humor -live longer!~
We need to experience life to its fullest-with lots of passion and purpose. Try new things!!

March 20, 2009


When we are in our 20’s and early 30’s we think we are invincible! We will be young forever!
We want to fight aging, many people in their 60’s are not going to look 21 ever again, but they can look amazing for their age. The human body is designed to last approximately 110 years. Envision yourself at age 50, if you not there yet will your body last? If you are in your 50’s will your body hold up another 50 years?
We need to Build Healthy habits!
• Exercise is vital (new research shows we need more weight bearing exercise)
• Take brisk walks
• Keep waist trim
• Eat Fruit – Apple a day keeps the doctor away!
• Eat lots of Green Vegetables
• Drink lots of water
• Have a purpose in your life and you will live longer!
• Learn New Things- Keep the brain active
• Learn dance steps
• Enroll in classes
• Play an instrument
• Get enough rest and manage your stress
• Take your Anti-Aging supplements
• Color your hair will take years off your looks
• Take care of your skin
• Maintain good relationships with family and friends. Create new
Ones by participating in the community. Hang out with younger people
It keeps you feeling young!
• Having a Positive Attitude is essential to living longer!
Basically we need to build and maintain healthy positive attitudes in everything we do. People will live longer if they have goal in their life- a purpose, positive outlook and sense of humor.

March 14, 2009