May 06, 2009


I arrived in Vietnam as the Bird Flu hit. A ban on live bird imports had taken effect in many parts of the world. Vietnam was the hardest hit country. Local farmers who raised poultry on a small scale had to destroy their flocks. We were advised not to eat eggs or chicken. The restaurants, even Kentucky Fried Chicken had crossed chicken off the menu. Everyone was very careful with sanitation washing hands and avoiding crowds when possible. I was so happy that I had prepared myself with Shaklee's Nutriferon. Nutriferon increases the production of interferon in the body. A powerful breakthrough in immune system science. Fortunately, I had extra with me to share with my friends: otherwise we might have gotten really sick. Finding medical help would not have been easy.

Now we have the Swine Flu with a lot more information on dealing with a virus infection that can cause a wide range of symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headaches, chills and fatigue. Some people have reported diarrhea and vomiting. Those with chronic medical conditions are more likely to develop sever illness.

The Flu spreads in the following ways:
From person to person through respiratory droplets from coughs & sneeze
When you touch respiratory droplets on another or an object or you own
mouth or nose.
Keep hands away from your eyes, nose & mouth
Seek Emergency Medical Care When:
You have difficulty breathing or chest pain
The person has purple or blue discoloration of the lips
Unable to keep liquids down and is vomiting
Shows signs of dehydration...dizziness, absence of urination or in infants
lack of tears when they cry.
Less responsive than normal or becomes confuse.
Do I Use A Face Mask? Yes, do so and spend the least amount of time possible
in close contact with infected person.
Wash hands often especially after touching used tissues!
Stay home for 7 days after the start of the illness and fever is gone.
Get plenty of rest.
Drink fluids..electrolyte beverages especially for infants. Keep from being
Cover cough and sneeze...cough and sneeze into your elbow.
Clean hands with soap and water.
Be watchful for emergency warning signs that indicate you need to seek
medical attention.


Liz Amson said...

I agree Diane. Immunity is the key, and just washing our hands isn't enough. I use and can testify to Nutriferon and some other Shaklee supplements. I may start to feel ill and get a little under the weather, but I always bounce back without a complete dive into full blown sickness. While others around me are coughing and hacking at work and home, I just keep plugging along!

Anonymous said...

So much great information. Thanks for posting.

V Wright said...

I definitely agree with you both. Washing hands is critical. One of the things I noticed is a lot of folks don't use their elbows. Along with the Nutriferon, I also keep Defend & Resist. The combo is like a 1-2 punch and nothing really hangs around long.

AuntJoJo said...

You nailed it Diane, bird flu, swine flu, the next strain is likely already secretly improving itself, it is just a matter of time. Each of us being proactive in improving our immune system is certainly a major key.